No Contact Estate Plan

Get a customized Estate Plan—safely and
conveniently—during the COVID-19 crisis.

Perhaps you want to do estate planning now but are worried about meeting with an attorney in-person? We understand how you feel. That’s why we have introduced the MI No Contact Estate Plan.

With MI No Contact Estate Planning, you can get a customized estate plan from the safety and comfort of your home. The entire planning process will take place virtually:

The initial call to share necessary information

Conference call with an attorney to discuss your planning options

Design meeting to build your plan

Document review meeting

You can even have your signed documents notarized virtually.
(Michigan allows remote document notarization through July 31st.)

Estate planning is more important now than ever before. For additional information about the MI No Contact Estate Plan, or to schedule a virtual “meeting,” call us at (989) 872-5601. Or, just fill out the form below.
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